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Rahma Organic is produced from a variety of olives such Chemlali and Arbequina straight from our farms in Tunisia, to offer a complex and voluptuous olive oil. It has an organic certificate from ECOCERT which guarantees its Tunisian origin and its commitment to the environment. Rahma Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% traceable.

Rahma Organic is a fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil with notes of freshly cut grass and mustard sprout.

Pairs well with cold dishes and salad dressing.

  • Use of early harvest of olives.
  • Use of a single cold mechanical extraction.
  • No heat or chemicals applied to alter the oil’s natural properties.

Always store your olive oil away from sun and light in a cool and dry place with the cap closed. Light, oxygen, heat and time are the worst enemies of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil.