Rahma’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high-quality product of Arabian olive oil heritage. We strive to push for sustainable production, focusing on the well-being of future generations. Follow us on this journey as we continue to find new and innovative ways to produce consciously and develop positive relationships with our farmers to align with IFFCO’s overarching vision of becoming an industry for the future.

At Rahma, we care for the quality of our olive oil which goes hand in hand with caring for the environment where our olive trees grow. It’s thanks to our environment and its resources that we are able to create such high quality, nutrient dense and flavorful Arabian olive oil. Therefore, we take responsibility to ensure that we adhere to sustainable agricultural practices.

Rahma acquired its carbon-neutral product certificate from Climate Impact Partners in addition to measure in IFFCO’s own value chain to support two of the projects in CIP’s portfolio of projects. These projects have the intention of developing and delivering quality climate solutions that will make genuine change possible and help keep global warming below 1.5 degrees.

‘Renewable Energy Portfolio Global’ and ‘Aqua Clara Water Filters, Kenya’ are projects that are part of a strategy to invest outside the group’s value chain to compensate for any CO2 left after its own measures. The Kenya water project also has a robust social component, as do other renewable energy projects in India, China and Brazil.


It all started with two origins touched by the Mediterranean Sea, Spain and Tunisia. Our farm, SDA Zitouna 1, is one of the most advanced Olive Groves in the world, which guarantees fresh, rich, and fruity olives every year. A built-in-olive oil processing mill with top-of-the-line technology ensures that the best flavors and excellent quality of the olive fruit is kept and preserved, resulting in a premium extra virgin olive oil.

Our quality consistency is maintained thanks to our end-to-end visibility of the entire manufacturing process. Starting from farming the olives in our own farms in Tunisia to milling and bottling, this practice ensures maintenance of high-quality standards.


Here’s a window into our harvesting process: