Extra Virgin Spray

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Rahma Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed, and it comes from tree to table. The Rahma olives are handpicked from our farms, crushed, and bottled within 10 hours from harvesting to ensure the olive oil taste and aroma remain fresh.

Rahma Extra Virgin Olive tasting sensations hint to artichoke, green banana, and grass, creating a delicate blend.

  • Easy to use.
  • Pour onto roasted meals.
  • Spray over salads.
  • Drip over cold dishes.
  • Perfect for barbecuing, pan frying and baking.

  • First Cold Press.
  • Oil acidity is below 0.8%.
  • Highest grade of olive oil types.
  • Quality is controlled from end to end (from harvesting time till bottling)

Store in a cool, dark place but do not refrigerate. It can be frozen under 7°C (44, 6°F) and it can affect the correct spraying of the product. Avoid hitting.